About Us

RightStaff is a new platform which creates a direct relationship between hospitals and their nurses and doctors.
This enables the highest quality professionals be matched to the most appropriate vacancies in the quickest, most cost-effective way possible.
Through RightStaff agency spend can be significantly reduced, helping temporary staff - nurses, doctors and clerical workers - to strengthen loyalty with hospitals and have greater control over their shifts.
We know this because RightStaff has been co-designed with doctors and nurses over the last year and piloted with hospitals to ensure smooth interfaces with existing systems.
RightStaff has two offers: RightNurse and RightDoctor. RightNurse has been launched at the Chief Nursing Officer Summit in March 2017.
We’re excited about this journey and passionate about making a difference to the NHS. Over the coming weeks we will be adding to this site with articles, case studies and news about what we’re doing. For now we’d really like you to download our app and tell us what you think.